Nintendo DS

I have been rather remiss about posting to my blog lately. I have been doing some knitting, but have nothing really to show for it. Lately I have been hooked on playing my Nintendo DS. I know I am a video game junkie, but I can’t help it. In fact I have gotten Steve, my mom and my two nieces hooked too. We have all been playing Animal Crossing. It is the cutest little game and something different happens every day, so when you miss a day you miss fun stuff. Anyway, I am going to try to get back to my knitting on more of a regular basis and try not to spend all my free time playing video games. But if you have a Nintendo DS, get this game it is so cool, and when you do let me know because then we can visit each others neighborhoods.


One Response to “Nintendo DS”

  1. Dana Says:

    Hey there! Thanks for the suggestion re: my camera. I remembered that feature after I had already gone thru most of the toe up cast on, so that’s why I need to start over. The last few pictures I took in that mode came out perfect. Doh!

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