The Yarn Harlot

Yesterday, I went with a bunch of my knitting friends to Ann Arbor, Michigan to see the Yarn Harlot. Now let me tell you, if you havent heard her speak or read her blog or books, I highly recommend it. She is hilarious; her knitting humor is fantastic. As of yet, I havent read any of her books (I purchased 2 yesterday and plan to read them soon), but I have been reading her blog which she writes on a regular basis. On her blog, she shares her adventures with knitting and her life in general. The great part about her blog is she not only shares her life and knitting experiences, but she entertains you at the same time. Check it out at

Thank goodness I was traveling with seasonedYarn Harlot Groupies” yesterday, because they knew the only way to get good seats and not be banished to the overflow room was to get there EARLY. And when I say early, I mean early. The Yarn Harlot was scheduled to speak at 2:00 pm. So I was thinking if we go there by 1:00 we would be in good shape. Not necessarily so, the library opened at noon and they insisted that we get there so we could be there the moment the doors opened, and rightfully so.

We arrived at the library at about quarter to twelve; mere minutes before the doors opened and there was already a crowd forming outside the library. We had left the Troy area around 9:30, which apparently was a little early for a few people in the group. Not me though, since I am usually up at 4:00 am to work out on most mornings, 9:30 was nothing for me. In fact, I slept in until 6:30. We arrived in enough time to have a nice big breakfast at Afternoon Delight. Which was a really good thing because little did we know it would be nearly 12 hours before our next meal.

Once the library doors opened we all made a mad dash to the meeting room so we would sure to get a good seat. At around 12:30 they announced that the Yarn Harlots plane was not able to land due to the morning fog, so we were in limbo until they were able to see if she could catch another flight into Detroit. We were all totally bummed, but hoped they would still be able to pull something off, even if it would be a few hours later than originally planned. A short while later they announced that she was able to catch another flight and was expected to land in Detroit within a few hours and they hoped she would be able to speak around 4:00 pm. Only two hours later than expect, not bad, unless you had gotten there two hours early, now instead of having two hours to burn we had four. But it gave us plenty of time to knit, mingle with the other knitters, and meet the knit bloggers who we have been reading online. We even had time to take a run over to the LYS for some distraction and YARN! Yarn is always a good thing.

Finally, the Yarn Harlot arrived around 4:30, thanks to a Good Samaritan, Brad, who drove her from the airport. She spoke for nearly 45 minutes and then began the book signing. You would have thought by being in the first three rows we would have also gotten a good spot in line, but I guess we just werent quick enough, at least some of us got stuck close to the back of the line.

Even though we got up early, in some cases, and waited a very long time it was well worth the wait. Stephanie Pearl-McPhee is a very nice down to earth knitter with an incredible sense of humor.

Go see her if you ever get the opportunity!

Here are some pictures from the day for your enjoyment!


Miranda and Kim







3 Responses to “The Yarn Harlot”

  1. Nia Says:

    It was very nice to meet you yesterday!

  2. Miranda Says:

    wow, do I need a tan! and thanks for holding our seats!

  3. Amanda Says:

    get that picture of me off… I look like a doof….

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