Not so welcome to spring..

Okay, so I had planned on posting a welcome to spring picture today, but when I got home from work today, we were having a thunderstorm. And as much as I love my blog readers I had no desire to stand out in the pouring rain to take a picture of my spring bulbs, which were starting to sprout. If I had I would have been soaked even before I could get to the flower bed, because the rain drops were so huge. The proof is in the fact that there is currently a river running down my street.

Anyway, instead I will talk about knitting in public day. I was listening to Sticks and String, an Australian PodCast, and he mentioned that the World Wide Knit in Public day is Saturday, June 9th.

Does someone know if anyone in the Detroit area is organizing an event for this day? If not I think we should plan and event of our own. If nothing else it is an excuse to knit, right.

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One Response to “Not so welcome to spring..”

  1. Dana Says:

    Ha! If you really loved us a “little” rain wouldn’t have stopped you! Thanks for teasing us!

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