Don’t you just hate it…

Dont you just hate it when your co-workers cant seem to clean up after themselves? Even when you post cute little signs about the fact that their mother doesn’t work here or that this isnt a self cleaning kitchen, they still dont have a clue. What do you have to do beat them over the head with the fire extinguisher? Trust me that doesnt work either. I dont know, but something has to be done, because look at what I found this morning.


This has obviously been here for quite some time, and you cant tell me that no one else has noticed it. 

So whos responsibility is it to clean the office coffee pot? Our cleaning crew is obviously very unobservant or they dont feel it is their responsibility. And to be honest I think it is the latter, because a few months ago I asked them why they never cleaned the dirty coffee mugs in the sink, which by the way was one mug about every 3 weeks. They told me that they just dont have time for that sort of thing. If they spent time cleaning dishes at ever stop they would double their workload. 

So if it isnt the responsibility of the cleaning crew than WHO? Shouldnt it be the person who made the last pot of coffee. I use to use that coffee pot, but then I decided to get an individual cup coffee maker for my office. I guess now this pot is only used when someone has guests in for the day. Someone must remember that they made coffee for their clients. Yuck! 


3 Responses to “Don’t you just hate it…”

  1. Miranda Says:

    holy crap that is disgusting!!!! I can’t imagine how long that has sat there. I’m a CSR for a cleaning company… so even though I hate to do it, I have to side with the cleaning people. It probably isn’t in their contract to have anything to do w/ dishes.

  2. Dana Says:

    I think we work in the same environment. Since I’m the only female (with 30 other men) they all assume that I’m the clean-er. Uh, no. Not your momma, not your wife – since I don’t get the birthday presents either.

    Oh, and I’ll become a llama herder before a sheep herder. Llama is more fun to spin.

  3. My Merino Mantra Says:

    What? You don’t like marshmallows with your coffee? Just kidding! That’s gross. I came for the knitting pics, but couldn’t pass a comment for that post.

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