Finished Objects: Kitty Bed

Okay, did Mother Nature go on vacation or what? The weather here in southeast Michigan has been quite screwy this week. Tuesday I thought spring had finally arrived when the temperature was nearly 70 degrees, which incidentally is unseasonably warm for this time of year in Michigan, but I was happy that I didnt have to wear a coat. Then this morning we wake up to a fresh layer of snow. WHAT! I knew the warm weather wasnt going to last but this is ridiculous.

Anyway, it was very pretty and I am very glad that is it just about al melted now. I love winter and all, but hay it is time for spring, and I cant wait much longer to see all the bulbs I planted last fall. It was my first attempt at planting spring bulbs so I want to see how the placement turned out, and I am starting to get impatient.

Here is a picture of what the snow looked like this morning, and because it was still pretty early the neighborhood was very quiet and peaceful. I wish I had time to just sit and enjoy it.

03 15 07 Snow

Enough about the weather, lets get into the knitting talk.

I have another finished object to post. As I mentioned earlier this week, the kitty bed was done and was drying after being felted. Tuesday night it was completely dry and I put it out for the kitties to try out. At first no one really paid much attention to the new bed, which really disappointed me because I spent so much time making it. But it didnt take long before they were actually fighting over it.

In fact, there has literally been a kitty brawl for control over the bed. Crystal, who mind you is this smallest of all my cats weighing in at around 7 lbs, was sleeping comfortably in the bed when Sami, who is twice Crystals size weighing between 14-15 lbs, came along and decided it was her turn to sleep in the bed. She basically pounced on Crystal, who promptly ran screaming from the bed. Sami was happy that Crystal was gone and immediately laid down on the bed very content with herself. Since then I have caught those two having words over the bed.

By the end of the first night everyone had spent some time in the bed, everyone except Mickey, who is a 22lb bowling ball of a kitty. I dont think he could fit into it if he tried. I would have to make a bed twice the size for him to comfortably fit. Now, just two days later, it is very rare that I dont see someone taking a snooze in the new bed, which encourages me to make additional beds so everyone has their own.

One thing this bed has solved is Crystals need to always be sleeping on either my lap or Steves. You see, Crystal has had a habit lately of always wanting to sleep on one of our laps while we watch TV. Since the bed has been completed we have been able to very easily coax Crystal into the kitty bed instead on our lap. That is until Sami comes along and tries to take over. Then it is back on the lap for Crystal while Sami sleeps in the bed. Soon we will have kitty harmony when there are enough new beds to go around.

Here are some pictures of all the kitties trying out the new bed.






2 Responses to “Finished Objects: Kitty Bed”

  1. jae Says:

    It turned out really nice! Is it the size that you expected?

  2. Miranda Says:

    I think if I make one my cats would prefer to sleep on it like Marty, even if they do end up fitting in it! haha

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