Five Things

Awhile ago I was tagged to list 5 things about myself that I have never mentioned on my blog before. Now, I have only had my blog for a month or so, so finding five things to mention was quite easy.

I am a Biker Chic. I have owned my own motorcycle for nearly 8 years. When I started dating my Beau in 1998 I fell in love with his obsession of riding a motorcycle, and in early 1999 I took a motorcycle safety course to determine if I really wanted my own bike, and I did. Once I got on the practice bike in class I knew that I was going to love being a biker. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not your typical biker babe in black leather. I like to look cute while sporting around on my motorcycle. I typically stand out in a crowd of bikers because I am the one wearing white jeans and a bright pink shirt.

I am Craft Obsessed. All through my life I have loved crafts. Over the years, I have bounced from one craft to the next and never really stuck to one for a long period of time. In my 35 years I have experimented with the following crafts: Needlepoint, cross stitch, Fimo clay, macramé, candle making, rubber stamping, scrapbooking, knitting and many more. I still very much enjoy Rubber Stamping and Scrapbooking, but lately I haven’t done too much of that because I have been so excited about my knitting projects.

I owed my own aerobic business for 14 years. It all started back in 1990 when I lived in Florida. You see I was a dancer in high school and when I graduated and moved away I missed dancing. The closest thing to it was aerobics, so I joined the local gym and started taking aerobic classes. During that time some of my fellow classmates were studying to become instructors so I inquired about the process. Within 6 months I was certified and ready to start teaching. I fell in love with teaching and helping other people stay fit. I started my business in 1992 after I moved to Michigan and continued to teach classes until May 1996. Some of the ladies that were in my classes are still trying to get me to start teaching again, but I have been enjoying my free evening so I am not sure they will be able to convince me to return, only time will tell.

I returned to school at the age of 30 to earn my Bachelors Degree. I had wanted to do this for most of my adult life but with my busy work schedule and teaching aerobics nearly every evening of the week I just didn’t think it would be possible. I figured it would take far to long to earn enough credits to graduate. Then I found the University of Phoenix, online no less, and decided to give it a go. It was a hard road to travel, because I was still teaching aerobics 3-4 nights a week on top of working full time, but three and a half years later I had my degree and it was a great accomplishment. I would do it all over again if I had the choice.

I want to design my own knitwear. I haven’t been knitting very long, but I have already decided that at some point in the future I would like to design my own knitwear. I know there are plenty of great designers out there, but isn’t there room for more. I have already started to alter patterns and try new techniques with my current projects. I just need to get a little more experience under my belt before I jump in with both feet. So some day soon you could see my name listed as the designed of a fabulous knitted item.


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