Lots of Knitting

With my mom in town I seem to find lots of time for knitting, and this weekend we did a lot. It all started on Friday, when my mom and I traveled to Canada for a day of knitting and fun with my Friend Janis.

Here is my mom working on her first project in the round, Convertible Mittens. She has picked up this technique quite easily, and she is already experimenting with changing the pattern slightly.


Here is Janis starting a French Market bag.


Diane also joined us late in the afternoon for some knitting time. She finised a beautiful purse, all she had to do was felt it. I can’t wait to see it once it is complete. Diane started her French Market Bag too.

Janis & Diane 03 09 07_sm

For me, I finally finished the sweater that I started more than a year ago, and it turned out perfectly.

Snowflake Sweater_031007_sm

With both Janis and Diane starting a French Market Bag, I decided that I should go ahead and take the plunge too, so here is what I completed of my bag so far.

French Market bag 03 09 07_sm

Then on Saturday, I worked on the bag I knitted up on the sweater machine. Here are a few pieces while I was sewing up the seam.

Felted Bag_031007_sm

I also finished knitting the kitty bed, it is currently drying after being felted. This picture is when it was just a few rows away from being cast off.

Kitty Bed - almost finished

And of course we must have kitty shots too. Cody was so happy to get the spot next to me on the couch that he didn’t care what I laid on top of him.


I probably would have gotten more projects completed, but I spent a lot of time on Sunday working on my knitting scrapbook. Like this blog I am creating a scrapbook of all my finished projects. I had at least 8 projects that I have finished earlier this year that I had not put in my book. Now I am caught up, that is until the kitty bed is finished later this week. And who knows what else I might completed this week.

That’s it for now, I will have a picture of the felted kitty bed as soon as it is dry. More knitting on the way for me, this week I hope to finish my brown and black ribbed sweater, as well as make some good progress on the French Market Bag. I also want to start a pair of socks on two circular needles.

Hope you all have a great knitting week. I know I will be enjoying my knitting time.


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